The China Cabinet

Our goal is to do a top-rate professional job on each piece we handle. We endeavor to make our work a joy to others, maybe even an inspiration, as exemplified in this poem written by one of our customers.


My Lady, bathe me in exotic oils as I
Cradle your things most precious.
Years pass like drops of water
Sculpturing stone.

But it is you and I who are chiseled, dear Lady.
Time attacks with a vengeance
Your face reflected in mine and mine in yours.

Napping and then you are gone.
White flowers encircled in black are hung as
Whisperers walk on sock feet.

I feast on memories,
Memories of candlelight dancing on my
Beveled glass and sparkling goblets
Lifted in joy.

Discarded and hidden away,
I pine for my Lady to come and run
Her hands over my blistered skin.
But it’s the wood-elf whose gentle hands
Restore my beauty.

Carried into my new Lady’s home I see her
Uncharted face reflected in mine.
As another life cycle begins.

© Ruth Winchester Ware, Ph.D. Member of the North Carolina Poetry Society